1,000,000 + Voters Want Walker Out: On Wisconsin!

The sheer number of signatures being filed – nearly as many as the total votes cast for Walker in November 2010, and almost twice as (many as) those needed to trigger a recall election – ensure the election will be held, said officials with the state Democratic Party and United Wisconsin, the group that launched the Walker recall.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 

from NPR

Even FOX has to spit out a few nice quotes:

“This is a really proud moment for us…it’s not a party, this has been a really serious movement,” Lori Compas, the recall petition leader, said.

“I can’t believe we did it, but we did it! We got all the signatures,” Dave Solstice, a petition drive volunteer, said. “Now we just need people to vote when it’s on the ballot”

The group says it has collected double the 540,208 signatures required to force a recall — one-quarter of the general election vote that put Walker into office. Even though some of the signatures are expected to be invalidated and discarded, Wisconsin Democrats have the comfort of a surplus in their second effort in the past year to drive a recall effort.  

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