A Hidden Win in the Fiscal Deal

From the Climate Desk comes this:

In the midst of this week’s fiscal cliff hullabaloo, with tax hikes for many Americans, tax breaks for Big Oil, and asuperstorm of righteous outrage over withheld storm aid, you’d be forgiven for not noticing the climate win that slipped in at the eleventh hour: a long-awaited extension of the wind energy Production Tax Credit, a federal incentive that has for many years been the bread and butter of the wind industry, providing $1 billion each year to keep wind competitive against heavily-subsidized fossil fuels.

Vertical Windtowers at Adobe

Adobe Systems in San Jose announced it had installed 20 vertical wind towers from Windspire to help its push towards more use of sustainable energy.

The towers won’t add a significant amount towards Adobe energy needs — four of them would just about power an average US home– but as a statement of recognition of the problem at hand, and as helping to encourage new ideas it will be a help. In the ultra-marathon facing us we can feel OK about cheering as runners round the first quarter mile. No one is thinking the race has anything but just begun. On! On!

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