Vaitcan Dismissed Reports of Pinochet Murders and Communist Propaganda

“In a 1973 diplomatic cable addressed to Henry Kissinger, then serving as the United States’ Secretary of State, high-ranking Vatican official Giovanni Benelli was quoted as relaying “his and the pope’s grave concern over successful international leftisf campaign to misconstrue completely realities of Chilean situation.” Benelli dismissed reports of massacre as “unfounded” and “possibly [the] greatest success of Communist propaganda,” while explaining away whatever violence had occurred as “unfortunately natural following coup d’etat.”

The cable was written five weeks after the coup, during the reign of Pope Paul VI, with reports already surfacing that political opponents of the regime were being arrested and killed.”



This cite is from a new WikiLeaks, unveiling of previously secretized sources….

WikiLeaks has announced the release of a huge archive of U.S. diplomatic records dubbed “The Kissinger Cables.”

The trove of more than 1.7 million documents contains “205,901 records relating to former US Secretary of State Henry A. Kissinger.” The massive data collection is part of the launch of the WikiLeaks Public Library of US Diplomacy, or PlusD,