Peace Walk on Thai-Cambodian Border

Thai Peace MarchAround 200 people participated in a “peace walk” in the northern town of Anlong Veng on Friday.

The walk was part of a Buddhist ceremony and was held near the Thai border, where organizers say many Cambodian migrants have been shot and killed by Thai border patrols.

The walk marked Visak Bochea Day, an annual holiday celebrating the life, death and enlightenment of Buddha.

…Bo Pao, a member of the Working Group for Peace, said Anlong Veng was chosen as the site of the march because there are frequently reported shootings of Cambodians who illegally cross into Thailand near here.

“We are celebrating the peace walk here to send a message to Thai border patrols, not to kill people, but to solve problems by legal means,” he said. “We are neighbors—and Buddhists.”