CA Environmental Legislation

Jared Huffman is Marin/Sonoma counties’ offering to the California State Assembly. In his first session he’s managed to get quite a few bills of environmental interest all the way through to Governor’s signature. Not bad for a freshman.

“Passing these types of reforms is the reason I ran for office,” said Huffman. “These bills represent the values of my district and I’m honored to have them put into law.”

* AB 1109 – Energy Efficient Lighting
One of the most important pieces of legislation this year, this bill directs the California Energy Commission to reduce California’s consumption of electricity for lighting uses by 50% in 10 years. As part of this strategy, the bill would phase out the purchase of inefficient lighting sources by state government. It also establishes mercury and lead reduction standards for lighting.

* AB 1470 – Solar Thermal
This breakthrough legislation creates a ten-year statewide incentive program to drive half a million California consumers toward solar heating technologies that directly displace the use of natural gas for water and space heating in homes and businesses.

* AB 1406 – Recycled water – Condos
This bill encourages water reuse by permitting the use of recycled water in condominiums, as it is currently used in apartment buildings.

* AB 1560 – Water Conservation – Building Standards
Creates an important new standard of water conservation by requiring the Energy Commission to prescribe water preservation standards for new residential and non-residential buildings.

You can see the entire list in his October newsletter, here.

AB 1470, about Solar Thermal, is here and you can look up any of them here.