Strike News

The Norwegian government stepped in at the last minute to prevent big oil companies from locking out their workers — some of whom have been on strike for two weeks after the companies refused to honor agreements made in bargaining several years ago, allowing early retirement at age 62.  The compulsory arbitration ordered by the Labor Government will prevent a full stoppage of Norway’s North Sea Oil — and resulting economic damage– but it also deprives the workers of their right to oppose the broken agreement.


Miners sit in front of thousands of supporters (R) as they protest against government austerity measures in Madrid July 11, 2012. Joined by supporters and trade unionists in the capital, the miners rallied noisily at the climax of a 44-day protest against a 60 percent cut in coal subsidies which they say will force mines to close and put many out of work. REUTERS/Andrea Comas


Too Much Time Beating Up Unions

Joe Nocera, NY Times columnist, comes from the business news side of that paper so it’s good to see this morning’s words: If liberals really want to reverse income inequality, they should think seriously about rejoining labor’s side. [my elision wbk]


His is the third or fourth mention I’ve seen of Timothy Noah’s book “The Great Divergence.” Time to get a readin’.