David Brooks to Teach Humility at Yale. Really.

I lost my appetite for reading David Brooks twenty-two apologies for Republican extremism ago.  Still, like the curious fellow I am, I stop by his column from time to time and scan quickly — like I used to do at the 10¢ book bins outside bargain bookstores.  Maybe something will pop up.  Today what popped was not Brooks himself, but his nemesis Matt Taibbi, who fastened his teeth into the seat of Brooks pretensions some time ago and won’t unlock his jaws.  Today ran as follows:

New York Times columnist David Brooks may be scheduled to teach a class called “Humility” at Yale, but that doesn’t make him humble, according to Matt Taibbi.

“Assuming this is all real, though, this has to make pretty much any list of the most pretentious moments ever,” Taibbi wrote on his Rolling Stone blog on Wednesday.

Taibbi added that Brooks is a “class-obsessed” “aristocrat-apologist,” and that “this move might formalize his status as the biggest windbag in the Western hemisphere.”