Candy Crowley: Headlining as First Female Debate Moderator since….

Candy Crowley, of CNN, is getting plenty of media play as the first female debate moderator since 1992.  Right wingers, in their usual game-plan of redefining reality are apoplectic because she is a ‘liberal.’

The excitement that a female is actually thought smart enough to ask questions of two men, one of whose credentials to smartness are none too high, is of course a sad commentary on the American media scene. That this woman is Candy Crowley makes it even sadder.  She has not, to put it politely, shown herself to be a master of the facts in her years as a reporter/commentator, or if she has known these facts, not bold enough to insist her interviewees respond to them.

Here’s a long link at Media Matters which you can peruse at your leisure, and wish with me that the secrete debate organizing committee had picked a couple of the in-your-face Brits or Irish to moderate and ask questions. Or, for pete’s sake, what’s wrong with Rachel Maddow?  She is smart, prepared, not deferential, and a female.  Arghhh!