Toshi Seeger Gone

What a great woman and companion Toshi Seeger was!  A good life lived.

Toshi Seeger, whose husband the folk singer Pete Seeger has credited for at least half his success — from helping to organize the first Newport Folk Festival to campaigning to clean the Hudson River — died on Tuesday at their home in Beacon, N.Y. She was 91.

…In 1961, he was cited for contempt of Congress and sentenced to a year in jail. “I accepted every booking that came in, figuring that most of them would be canceled,” Mrs. Seeger said, “but the appeals court acquitted him and nothing was canceled. It was a horrendously busy year.”

“Never again,” she said. “Next time let him go to jail.”

Her gentle chiding curbed any chance that Mr. Seeger’s ego would balloon. “I hate it when people romanticize him,” she said. “He’s like anybody good at his craft, like a good bulldozer operator.”

NY Times and Rolling Stone


Don't Go Near the Water — Johnny Cash

Don’t know how I missed this back when the old man was with us and singing it.  Amy Goodman played it today on her Democracy Now one-year review of the Gulf Oil disaster.

Walter Reed Disinvites Baez

Baez I’ll bet the soldiers would have liked to hear her sing, do some impressions, crack a joke or two….

John Mellencamp, who had invited her to join him last Friday, ….told “They didn’t give me a reason why she couldn’t come. We asked why and they said, ‘She can’t fit here, period.'”