Tapered off to Zero

The beginning of 2016 seems a good time to to put this blog into a prolonged slumber.  I’ve been tapering off for some months now, after posting news, current events, high-lights and low-lights for over a decade.  Time to let it go.  Not to stop thinking out loud and writing but to do it less while riding the daily news cycle.

Come over and see me at All In One Boat dot Org.  Much more cultural stuff, book and film reviews, original and translated poems and stories.  I still link from time to time to the weeks news but getting long in life now I seem to want to take the longer view of this wonderful, unsettling, promise-filled world of ours.

Who knows?  I might be forced back to these pages.  It’s immensely hard to disengage from what’s going on, even though I’ve got plenty of other engagements to keep the whole heart pumping….

Will Kirkland

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