Fog Catcher Produces Potable Water

With California reservoirs down to 30% perhaps we can look south to Chile’s Atacama desert for a good idea,

“There, (Carlos Espinosa Arancibia) came up with the idea of the fog catcher: netting with tiny openings of approximately 1mm across to capture the tiny water droplets in the fog.

“The droplets accumulate in the netting and form a bigger drop which eventually runs off the netting into a canal underneath.

“From there, it is channelled through a pipe to containers at the base of the hills, ready for use.”

Other trial sites are in Mexico and Guatemala 

“The largest expanse of fog catchers is located in Tojquia in Guatemala, where 60 fog catchers trap 4,000 litres of water a day.”

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I imagine wind would be a potential problem but the whole central-northern coast of California has month long cloud banks. In fact if you’ve ever walked in a redwood grove in the fog you’ll feel fog catchers at work

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