More Stupid Anti-Immigrant Tricks

Somedays, news stories about stupidity is enough to make us laugh, like the two young thieves running from the police who jumped over a fence, into the grounds of San Quentin Prison, or another whose ski-mask disguise had his name on the forehead.  Other stories make us want to scream.

Joshua Davies writes an opinion piece in the NY Times about four young New Mexicans he wrote a book about which is soon to come out as a movie, both titled “Spare Parts.”  Four kids from the wrong side of the tracks won a national competition by building an underwater robot.  After the win, other teams sent their members to high prestige colleges.  The New Mexico four, it turns out, were not citizens, brought to the US illegally from Mexico as infants.  They wound up in assembly line or kitchen jobs.

As Davies writes, it is these kind of young people the Obama immigration plan has aimed to properly patriate to the United States — and which the GOP led congress is trying to torpedo.

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, the program created by President Obama’s executive order that shields some undocumented students and young adults from deportation, didn’t go into effect until 2012. Had it been in place when the Carl Hayden students were in high school, allowing them to legally work, their lives might have turned out very differently. They have surmounted enormous odds, but none were able to professionally pursue their passion for robotics. It is a startling rebuke to the American dream.

House Republicans seem to view this as a fitting outcome. This week, John A. Boehner, the speaker of the House, introduced legislation that would roll back the president’s order.

NY Times

If you haven’t had your weekly scream quota, read the story.  Heartbreaking. And stupid.

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