Fire Season In Full Flame

The Year to date fire statistics for 2014 are gaining fast on those of previous years though it looks like 2011 with over 6 million acres and 2006 with over 74 thousand separate fires will continue to hold the leads in those unhappy categories.

Climate Fires Statistics


The Lodge Fire in Mendocino County, a couple of hours north of San Francisco, has bitten 8 firefighters and is still burning — over 8,500 acres as of Sunday morning.

Further north in Siskiyou county two fires are burning, and it’s not rain but wind coming in to make things more difficult.

In Washington State, 12 fires are burning and in Oregon there are 9 with the biggest, the South Fork complex has roasted 63,500 acres.

Rowena Fire, August 2014, Moving towards the Dalles, Oregon

Rowena Fire, August 2014, Moving towards the Dalles, Oregon

I know, I know, some fire is good some of the time, and many homes should not be built in fire-prone areas, but I’d like to see the stats for rise in local temperature against rise in local fires. With every tenth of a degree rise in average daily temperature, the evaporation rate from leaves has got to increase, leaving the trees drier and closer to kindling…

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