Foul Brained Footballer Asks for Help

In an abrupt change of direction, Richie Incognito, who infamously poured a stream of pornographic wishes and curses onto team mate Jonathan Martin of the Miami Dolphins, driving Martin into therapy for depression, has now checked himself into a facility — after smashing his own $295,000 Ferrari with a hammer.

He claims his mother and dad “understand” it.  I for one bet that if his mother saw her son’s sick ranting she would be sick herself, and would have encouraged him to get help, even before the Ferrari incident.

[From earlier post: Here is the report.  Jump to page 13 for a small sample of what happened. “Offensive language” doesn’t begin to cover it. This is extremist thuggery, under the cover of boys will be boys. ]

And more at Miami Herald

and ESPN

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