Flooding on the Riviera and in the Islands

Reports coming from the fabulous French Riviera that massive floods have tossed over cars, flooded basements and killed at least two.  Some 4,000 homes have been left without electricity.


Automobiles Floated up to Doorstep

Automobiles Floated up to Doorstep in Hyeres, France

Though some reports use words like “historic” and “unusual” nothing I have found puts these rains and floods in context — How unusual, in size or frequency?  What conditions brought it on? Are they unusual?  Not even insurance reports yet as to cost comparison.  It seems to me that every significant weather event should have such information included so the public has half a chance to understand trends in weather, and thereby, climate.

AND, in the Philippines, already devastated by Typhoon Haiyan in November, tens of thousands have been moved from temporary shelters because of new rains and flooding.

Philippines, January 2014

Philippines, January 2014

Thank the weather devils for flooding the Riviera — at least the wealthy will get their focus on and perhaps move on those whose decision making powers have gone missing in the dark recesses of their corporeality.

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