Turkish Government Self Deranging

three top ministers whose sons have been implicated in a wide ranging corruption scandal abruptly resigned, only hours after greeting Prime Minister Erdogan at the airport.  One of them, on his way out the door, said Mr. Erdogan should step down as well…

It’s still hard to make out the parties involved in this, or the long – game any of them is trying to play.  The allegations of corruption, and arrests, are coming from ministries not under the Prime Minister’s control, some say at the initiative of functionaries who are acolytes of a US based Turkish religious leader, Fethullah Gulen, who once supported Erdo9an.

Erdogan is calling his old pal a “foreign influence,” and leader of a “criminal gang.”  Germany, as a long time ally of Turkey, will be very interested in the outcome, not to mention NATO of which Turkey has been a member for decades.

Read more at NY Times, and at Bianet, Turkey (English)

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