You Think The Media is Bad Now?

AS Madison Avenue continues debating the pros and cons of a hot trend in marketing known as native advertising — digital pitches styled to look like the editorial content of the publications in which they run — Vanity Fair magazine is voting “aye” by bringing out its first such effort, for Hennessy Cognac, that is to begin Friday on

… the close resemblance between native ads and articles is raising eyebrows — and hackles — among critics who complain that they are inherently misleading or deceptive. Those critics were heard on Dec. 4 during a daylong conference in Washington titled “Blurred Lines: Advertising or Content?” that was organized by the Federal Trade Commission.

NY Times

And Twitter is already running so called native advertising.

Twitter’s recent acquisition of MoPub has fired up a native advertising business that will launch with in-stream ads on the Tango messaging platform and with other partners.

The new ads will launch on Tango — among other partners — with in-stream posts that look like other Tango updates, but feature a small ‘sponsored’ mark in the upper corner. Native ads are fairly hot at the moment, with most social networks looking to fuse them with their core timelines or feeds in some manner. Because they’re less jarring and easier to pass off as ‘content’, they’re being treated as the next big thing for focused mobile experiences like those found in apps like Instagram. These in-stream ads will be presented by the apps themselves, templated to match their surroundings, but served up by MoPub.


Amd they are investigating neuronal placement of advertising streams.  You will be able to sell brain advertising rights to the highest bidder, though of course if you’re a low spender the rates will go down for you.

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