Not Going Well in Thailand

With every good reason folks have been demonstrating in Bangkok against what they perceive are the operating ties between the current Prime Minister and her predecessor, her brother, who has self-exiled to escape prosecution for corruption.  However, the turn today into brick throwing —if the reports are accurate– against other citizens supporting the government, can not be good.

Anti-government protests turned violent Saturday with at least one person killed in the Thai capital after opponents and supporters of Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra clashed.

Protests had remained relatively peaceful over the last week as the two sides essentially stayed apart during daily demonstrations. But on Saturday, opponents of Yingluck gathered near the site of a pro-government rally being held inside a stadium.

Using sticks, stones and chunks of concrete, several hundred protesters, many of them students, took aim at government supporters some 50 yards away up a dark street behind Ramkhamhaeng University.

Soon, small explosions and what sounded like gunfire rang out. “Run back,” shouted some of the 60 or so anti-government students.


Al Jazeera

That is how civil disobedience turns un-civil and then the army wins… Not the way to get to where you want to go.

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