Warmer Pacific feeds Monster Typhoon

Super Typhoon Haiyan is making a beeline towards the Philippines and thousands of people in vulnerable areas are being relocated to prepare for the impact of the strongest storm on the planet so far this year.

According to Climate Central, extremely warm surface waters, 2-3°F above average for the last few months in the western tropical Pacific, have fueled Haiyan’s growth. As of late Thursday morning (U.S. time), Super Typhoon Haiyan had top sustained winds near 190 mph (equivalent to a Category 5 hurricane)

Climate Progress

According to Wunderblog, Super Typhoon Haiyan is now one of the most intense tropical cyclones in world history. Since 1969, only three tropical cyclones have equaled Haiyan’s 190 mph sustained winds — the Western Pacific’s Super Typhoon Tip of 1979, the Atlantic’s Hurricane Camille of 1969, and the Atlantic’s Hurricane Allen of 1980.


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