Climate Change, And Not for the Better

The Fifth Assessment Report of the IPCC [Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has been released.

During a briefing on the report Friday morning organized by The Climate Group, three of the lead authors offered blunt summaries of their work:
“Warming is unequivocal.” — Dennis Hartmann, one of the report’s coordinating lead authors, focusing on observations

“From all of these lines of evidence, we conclude that humans are the dominant cause of changes in the climate system.” — Nathaniel Bindoff, a coordinating lead author, focusing on attribution of climate change

“The oceans are still taking up heat,” even though warming has recently hit a speed bump at the surface — Jochem Marotzke a coordinating author, focusing on evaluating climate models

5 of the top 15 things to know

  1. It’s happening and we’re doing it:
  2. 95-100 percent certain:
  3. Warmest 30 years:
  4. Pause? What pause?:
  5. Acidifying oceans:

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