Health Care For All

Bernie Sanders:

Obamacare is ‘A Good Republican Program’:

Sen. Sanders said Tuesday that the health care reform law doesn’t go nearly far enough and reiterated his support of a single-payer, Medicare-for-all universal health care program. The U.S. is the “only nation in the entire industrial world that doesn’t guarantee health care as a right,” Sanders said on CNN’s Crossfire. He called the Affordable Care Act a “good Republican program,” referring to the Massachusetts program by former governor and Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney.

And the folks in the country of Ted Cruz’ birth, Canada, just don’t get his mania….

When you’re being forced to endure another rabid Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) soliloquy on Obamacare’s threat to human freedom, it’s easy to forget how absurd our health-care debate seems to the rest of the civilized world. That’s why it’s bracing to check in with red-blooded, high testosterone capitalists north of the border in Canada — business leaders who love Canada’s single-payer system (a regime far to the “left” of Obamacare) and see it as perfectly consistent with free market capitalism.

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