Syrian Nerve Gas Confirmed

Doctors Without Borders, one of the most respected medical action groups in the world, has confirmed that hundreds of nerve-gas poisoned victims came to three hospitals it is associated with.  355 deaths

They make no claim as to who used the gas nor, as far as I can tell, what kind of gas — and therefore its likely origin– it is.  The consensus in Western governments is that only the Syrian government had the means to deploy the stuff.  Assad and his ally in Russia’s Putin claim it was the rebels.

One serious investigator at Brown Moses says that all claims the weapon used to fire the gas cylinder were of a type known to be used by rebels do not hold up. Another investigator, at a distance, says the delivery system is likely to be rack-fired, and therefore not from the rebels.

Apparently the analysts at the US DOD, Israel, Britain and France are close to fully confident that it was the work of Assad’s army — and President Obama has markedly changed his tune in the last day or two.  Though still using cautious phrases it is being reported [CBS] that “the commander of U.S. forces in the Mediterranean has ordered Navy warships to move closer to Syria to be ready for a possible cruise missile strike.” Al Qaeda joins with the West in calling the attacks Assad’s (and the Alawites) doing, and are threatening counter terror.





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