Syria: Lethal Attack on Nerves and Lungs

You might not want to watch this. Video of people gasping for life in Damascus after what appear to be explosive dispersal of some nerve-lung agent. Not too many western news agencies are reporting on it. Lead article in 6 places I’ve looked at are about Manning declaring himself a transgender and that Filner maybe resigning.

Meanwhile, neither the US nor the UN have any response that might move either discovery of who did what when, or any action to ramp down the bloodshed.  The rebels blame the government; the government and its friend Russia blame the rebels.  Poor Syria.

Incoming news is that rebels are saying there is an Army push into the suburbs where the nerve deaths occurred, and that warplanes have been part of that.


More coverage at Washington Post

Best, and most judicious, coverage at

“It still seems difficult to pin down the three most important facts in yesterday’s attack: who did it, what did they use, and how many people did it kill. I would suggest that is also the order of strategic importance, and the reverse order of likelihood of finding out.”

“The spread of these casualties/fatalities is important, without this information we are forced into the conclusion that the spread of attacks was at the maximum reported – which then presupposes a significant, organised force behind it. If this isn’t the case, and all the chemical casualties come from a single area (and it’s downwind path) then it makes it more likely that a smaller, potentially rogue faction, was behind it.”

For a technical analysis of the possible missiles see Brown Moses blog
Update II
And now the wrenching sorrow on top of the terrible ache: nurses who came to help, die from residual fumes.

Dan Layman, a spokesman for the Syrian Support Group, which supports the Free Syrian Army in Washington, said doctors, nurses and first responders had reported Wednesday that they’d experienced secondary symptoms while working with victims.

“The doctor I was talking to yesterday said the residue on the victims and their clothing was making the doctors get dizzy and have trouble breathing and (they) had to pour water on their faces and had to step out of the room,” Layman said.

Layman said he learned Thursday that two of those nurses died.



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