The New Center: Two Feet From the Edge of the Cliff

What on earth could the headline writers, and indeed Jonathan Martin, mean by characterizing the present position of the Democratic Party as ‘the center!’

Some Democrats Look to Push Party Away From Center 

Pointing out that the income and wealth curves are so far out of balance that the great economic machine of the United States is likely to grind to a halt is NOT progressive populism.  Argh!

Showing the history of the Glass-Steagall act in reining in financial risk-taking, with other people’s money, and pushing for a return to similar rules after the ruinous 2008 melt down is NOT moving away from the center.  It is trying to return to the center — of common sense and learning from experience.

It is one thing for the crows of Wall Street to caw about left-wingers going after their carrion.  It is another when observers caw the same notes.

Goodness, the money-power axis is so far to the right we will all be run off the cliff unless the center is regained soon.

Read the copy….

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