Armed Law Enforcement Officers Shot Dead — NRA Calls for More Guns to Stop Such Killings

So today’s news was:

Mingo County Sheriff Eugene Crum was fatally shot Wednesday outside the Mingo County courthouse, WCHS reports.

Yesterday’s was:  

“The north Texas district attorney found murdered with his wife yesterday had been carrying a gun to guard against possible assassins, the AP reports. Wary after one of his assistant prosecutors was killed, Mike McLelland kept the weapon on him at all times, even when walking his dog…”

The NRA’s solution to school violence?

The National Rifle Association (NRA) unveiled a report that recommends employing an armed security officer – as well as any willing teachers – to every school in the country as anti-gun groups assail the plan.

Look, if two men, trained and weapons familiar, aren’t safe from weapons coming without warning, how on earth is this fantasy shoot em out supposed to work?

Let’s see, if the school shooters know that there is an armed guard somewhere in the school, what are they likely to do?

  • Decide to stay home and play video games?
  • Create a distraction to ensure they get off a few rounds before the guard does?
  • Find out where he is and kill him first? 
  • Escalate and drive a suicide motorcycle up the front steps of the school?
  • Any of many other scenarios? 

We know already these shooters are not much into shooting and getting away.  Death in a Killing Field: Glorious Way to Go!

The NRA has as a fantasy of what a former Shin Bet commander calls in the very good movie  The Gatekeepers, a Shin Bet world.  Everyone is looking over their shoulders at every moment afraid of the assassin’s bullet and looking at everyone else as a possible target.  Locked up and Locked down.  Neither safe nor any longer a democracy. Simply a gunocracy.

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