Whose Gun Violence Ideas Would Have Stopped This?

Photo shows suspect in Ala. bus killing, abduction

I think it a good exercise for all if with each killing, mass or not, the question is asked: what changes would have stopped this?

Better mental health rules?  No one has suggested anything close to taking a guy like this out of circulation — nor should they.  When cranks are locked up it will be a matter of the last crank standing.

Legal guns?  Don’t know yet but it can be assumed in Alabama that being a crank does not prohibit gun ownership.  But that is what he used – to shoot through the bus door.  A knife would have failed.

Smaller magazines?  He didn’t need a big one.

Patricia Smith, a neighbor whose two children were on the bus, said the gunman shot Poland four times.

Restricting guns as in most of the developed world?  Probably would have done it.
Restricting gun ownership to active members of the National Guard?  Probably would have had a lot more stakeholders in watching him, especially if the local unit were on the hook for the actions of its members.

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