Don’t Get As, Get an AK-47 in Your Face

From TPM

In aftermath of the Newtown shooting, 52 year old Kirill Bartashevitch of St. Paul, Minnesota decided he should probably stock up on assault weapons “due to fears that such weapons would be banned under President Obama’s push for gun control legislation.” Possibly also to defend against tyranny, though that latter part is only my speculation. Unfortunately for Bartashevitch’s daughter, the gun ended up being aimed at her.

Back in mid-January, Bartashevitch and his high school age daughter got into an argument about her grades. She apparently got Bs and not As. As sometimes happens in these cases, things degenerated and the daughter, 15, told her father she “hated” him, at which point he grabbed his assault rifle and pointed it at her.

From the local Fox News station …

Not to tar all gun owners with such behavior but surely it is obvious why easy access to weapons is a dangerous idea.  Now if he had been required to be part of a National Guard unit (the militia) there would be a forum to talk discipline, responsibility and possible loss of a ‘right’ because of failure of the concomitant responsibility….


For example, any of these jerk-offs who handled loaded weapons at gun shows and shot themselves, or bystanders, could be hauled before their local units and disciplined.  If the locals didn’t do anything, they in turn could be disciplined, first by the state National Guard, with appeal to the feds for compliance or noncompliance….

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