News from Mali

I’ve posted a few communiques from a Malian friend, now living in Portland, OR, who has been back home during much of the recent violence there.  Here is the most recent.

For the time being things have calmed down here in Mali. Although normal daily life seems to be returning at government and private sectors, the market place rumors are still on about the scattering of insurgents that are now navigating though the Niger river Southward.The Africa cup in soccer has started this week. As usual, people gather around televisions everywhere–even in the middle of the street. This has been shifting people’s mind from the war and brings a bit of calmness.

I went to meet Djeneba (The young blind girl from the village of Soni Cegni that a Ko-Falen member sponsored to go the the Institute for the Blind in BKO last year). It was great to meet her. She is awfully quiet but seems to be a bright little girl. I asked her if she liked her school and she said yes, but would like to visit home more often. I told her to bear with the school policies for now and that she will have a bright future. I also promised to her that I will pay another year of her school fee. She is very happy.

On Thursday, I will be visiting a school by request to meet and teach drawing through story telling.

I may want to find a place in Portland to share my experiences of this travel all at once.  Any ideas?


You can see Wague’s work and learn more about him at his site, here. 

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