From Oregon: Fix the Filibuster

From a reader in Oregon: “We had the fortune of meeting our Senator in lil ole Pacific City on Friday.  Good gathering, pointed Qs re the war, civil rights & the dysfunctional Senate filibuster issue, below.  I encourage you all to support it if possible.”
Dear Friends –
We’re rocking!  So far, 148,919 people have signed our latest petition this week, calling on the leaders of the U.S. Senate to make sure that filibuster reform is strong and meaningful. To date, our campaign has now won the support of 391,000 Americans.
Next week we can end the silent filibuster and stop the hidden obstruction which has stalled progressive reforms for years.
Thanks to your advocacy, we have succeeded in putting filibuster reform squarely on the Senate’s agenda. Now we need to make sure that those reforms include the talking filibuster so we can end the back-room obstruction that defines the modern Senate. 
Our ability to reinvest in America, hold Wall Street accountable, create clean energy jobs and fight global climate change, and reform our broken campaign finance laws hangs in the balance.

Every last supporter of filibuster reform needs to step up right now. Our success depends on your voice.

We’re so close. Let’s get this done.
Senator Jeff Merkley

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