Voting Fraud Claims? Nonsense says former Florida GOP Chairman

Why Florida changed its voting rules…

In an in­ter­view with the Palm Beach Post pub­lished on Sun­day, the for­mer chair­man of the Flori­da Re­pub­li­can par­ty said voter sup­pres­sion was the sole rea­son for the change to the elec­tion rules. Jim Greer, the par­ty chair­man in from 2006 to 2010, said he went to sev­eral meet­ings dur­ing which Re­pub­li­can of­fi­cials dis­cussed the dam­age that ear­ly vot­ing – which brought an un­prec­e­dented num­ber of black vot­ers to the polls in 2008 – had done to the par­ty.

“The Re­pub­li­can Par­ty, the strate­gists, the con­sul­tants, they firm­ly be­lieve that ear­ly vot­ing is bad for Re­pub­li­can Par­ty can­di­dates,” Mr. Greer said. “It’s done for one rea­son and one rea­son on­ly.”

He made it clear the stat­ed rea­son for the change, to re­duce voter fraud, was non­sense.

“They nev­er came in to see me and tell me we had a fraud is­sue,” he told the Post. “It’s all a mar­ket­ing ploy.”

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