5 Feet of Rising Seas, 6 Million at Risk

The NY Times had several important, illustrated and references articles on changing weather, changing lives on Saturday, Nov 24.  The big one, the scary one, was Rising Seas, Vanishing Coastlines.   I like my headline better, as actually, there will always be coastlines, just not the ones where all our STUFF is.

…we fear that Hurricane Sandy gave only a modest preview of the dangers to come, as we continue to power our global economy by burning fuels that pollute the air with heat-trapping gases.

This past summer, a disconcerting new scientific study by the climate scientist Michiel Schaeffer and colleagues — published in the journal Nature Climate Change — suggested that no matter how quickly we cut this pollution, we are unlikely to keep the seas from climbing less than five feet.

More than six million Americans live on land less than five feet above the local high tide. (Searchable maps and analyses are available at SurgingSeas.org for every low-lying coastal community in the contiguous United States.) Worse, rising seas raise the launching pad for storm surge, the thick wall of water that the wind can drive ahead of a storm. In a world with oceans that are five feet higher, our calculations show that New York City would average one flood as high as Hurricane Sandy’s about every 15 years, even without accounting for the stronger storms and bigger surges that are likely to result from warming.

Charleston Gone with 25 foot sea rise

There are several other cities shown at the link, with a slider to show different levels of sea-rise.  Find the SF Bay Area and be surprised to see much of the Central Valley returned to a lake.  I post Charleston here because the densest concentration of climate deniers  seems to be in the South, where if it isn’t in the Bible it can’t be happening, and if its happening and bad it must mean the God means it to be.


A second and more immediate article is Who Is Going to Pay for damages after damages have already been paid for? Paying for Future Catastrophes


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