California Poop 32

Do you know the truth about Proposition 32?

While Prop 32 has a nice name – “Stop Special Interest Money Now” – it is misleading and not what it seems. Proposition 32’s intent is to silence working Californians and unions, and to crush the middle class.

Prop 32 will silence teachers, nurses, police, firefighters, and all working Californians by permanently barring them from participating in the political system. It will give the power to Wall Street hedge fund managers, out-of-state corporations, CEOs, corporate executives, and wealthy land developers so they can directly influence campaigns and control California’s state government without a check on their power.

Allowing corporate special interests to spend unlimited amounts of money to influence politicians and rewrite state laws in their favor with no disclosure and no accountability will result in an unbalanced political process in California. And it increases the chances that Social Security will be privatized and seniors’ Medicare benefits will be cut.

Help Truth on Prop 32 stand up against special interests groups and show your support of California’s middle class!

Paid for by Working Californians to Oppose Prop. 32, a Coalition of Labor Organizations, Working Men & Women. Major funding by International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local Union 18 and International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local Union 11.


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