Voter Registration Fraud Suspected in Florida’s GOP Camp

As with the ACORN registration fraud allegations 4 years ago, so now with the GOP’s Strategic Allied Consultants of Glen Allen, Va., — voter registration fraud is NOT voter fraud.  False registrations bulk up the registrar’s numbers, and so their pay-day, but unless the registrant is a person who votes illegally — more than once, in a dead-person’s name, at an address not their own (which actually is a conjured  crime)– then there is no voter fraud.

That said, it is just a little short of delicious that the folks who have been crying about fraud are those who have spent $1.3 million on a much investigated operative who  apparently has his own fraudulent registration ideas:

Suspicious registration forms have now been found in 10 Florida counties

— and who has been embraced,  despite that, by the Romney campaign.

Late last year, Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign began paying Nathan Sproul, a political consultant with a long history of destroying Democratic voter registration forms and manipulating ballot initiatives. Sproul, who changed his firm’s name from Sproul and Associates to Lincoln Strategies, has received over $70,000 from Romney’s campaign.  Republic Report



Dear GOP — you who roared about fraudulent registrations  maybe destroying the fabric of democracy.– where is the outrage now?


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  1. amy lambert says:

    Not only not one conviction. The article says there have been lawsuits. But it doesn’t tell us what happened in those suits.Were they dismissed? Did a judge find guilt? My guess regarding the latter is No, because had there been a finding of guilt, the Repubican Party would not have hired this firm.

    Thus what you have here is a lot of innuendo. It reminds me of Strauss-Kahn. Yesterday a women who had accused him of rape just realized it had been consensual sex all along.

  2. wkirkland says:

    If we could only all live our lives depending only on court convictions to decide between right and wrong. Most of us don’t — especially in hiring people to represent us and our values. Sproul has a well known reputation and the GOP knows about it. It was the GOP who made it a condition of changing the company name before being hired, because of the bad associations linked to the former name. I wish we were all as good as you, suspending judgment about a person or action until ruled on by a court I wonder, have you been tested — say with a reputed, but not convicted, sex offender handing around a local school?

    As to Strauss-Kahn, hmmm, a sleaze ball of the highest order..or at least his wife thinks, having him out of the house for transgressions unnumbered. The recantation of one, another sleazeball it looks like, does not exonerate him from the reputation he apparently has been pretty proud of.

    You are defending sketchy characters; I hope you defend the good ones, too.

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