The Lesson of Ohio: Industrial Strategy

From Marcy Wheeler’s always intelligent, and often sharp-elbowed blog:

The Lesson of Ohio: Industrial Strategy
Posted on September 26, 2012 by emptywheel

The election is not over yet, but today there’s an even worse poll out of Ohio for Mitt than the 8 point Obama lead that WaPo had yesterday: a NYT/CBS/Q poll showing Obama leading by 10, 53-43.

And so beltway pundits are trying to figure out what went wrong for the rich douchebag who said one of America’s key companies should be let go bankrupt.

Alec MacGillis, relying on 3 reporting trips, provides 6 possible reasons at TNR:

  • Misunderstanding on the part of DC pundits that Obama’s problem with working class white is largely limited to Appalachia and the South
  • Obama’s successful attacks on Mitt as a guy who outsourced jobs at Bain
  • Backlash to Governor Kasich’s efforts to roll back public unions
  • OH’s improving job picture
  • Kasich’s greater interest in saving himself than helping Mitt
  • The auto bailout

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