Koch Brothers: Libertarian Except When their Profits Benefit from the Government

From Think Progress

Think Progress

“Americans for Prosperity, a national political organization that claims to uphold libertarian values, is showing its true intentions: Protect government support of fossil fuel interests.

Founded and partly funded by the oil billionaire Koch Brothers, AFP has become a leading organizer of the Tea Party. The organization has thrown millions of dollars behind national ads attacking clean energy that fact checkers have called “ultimately ridiculous.” (Even more ridiculous, AFP recently bussed in protesters to picket a small event where kids were flying kites on the beach in support of wind power).

Given AFP’s ties to the oil industry and its blatant disdain for renewable energy, its latest campaign to end a key tax credit for wind shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who follows the group. But what’s truly remarkable about AFP’s latest effort to kill wind tax credits is the mind-bending contradiction between its stance on renewable energy tax policy and fossil fuel tax policy….

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