Bulls-eye Tampa

Storm Track, Issac

This would be the storm track for Issac, now to the south of The Dominican Republic. The bulls-eye, Monday at 2 p.m. is in Tampa, Florida at the same time thousands of Republicans are creating their own little whirlpool around the convention center for the beginning of the GOP presidential convention.  Though that bulls-eye is a projection, and not yet a prediction of storm strength there is a great chance that Tampa will see wind and rain enough to inconvenience people, if not cover them completely.

About 1/3 of the 4-county Tampa Bay region lies within a flood plain. Over 800,000 people live in evacuation zones for a Category 1 hurricane, and 2 million people live in evacuation zones for a Category 5 hurricane.

Masters points out that in a worst-case scenario, the “Tampa Bay convention center would go under 20 feet of water, and St. Petersburg would become an island, as occurred during the 1848 hurricane”:

You can read much more at Climate Progress

We should be far more worried about the good people of Tampa than about the Republicans who don’t believe anything peculiar is going on with the weather anyway, and should the finger of God reach out to punish someone for something the GOP can make paper boats of all their donations and safely float away.  The poor and elderly in the city will not be so lucky.

You can watch the progress of the storm and the predictions, here.

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