More Tibetan Self Immolations

“As a human being, you try to dissuade them,” says Lobsang Sangay, prime minister of the exiled Tibetan government. “As a Buddhist, you pray for them. As a Tibetan, you show your solidarity with their reasons.” DW

On Monday, … Tibetan rights groups claimed that a 20-year-old monk Lungtok, and a 21-year-old former monk Tashi, 21, set themselves on fire in Aba prefecture of Sichuan. Lungtok died whereas Tashi was hospitalized with severe injuries.
After the self-immolations, which took place around 6pm local time, a clash broke out between ethnic Tibetan protesters and the police. The rights groups said the police tried to block the area and took away two Tibetans. According to the independent media reports, the clash left one protester dead.

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