Flood Watch

Food sent to North Korea after floods; nearly 63,000 homeless

The World Food Program is dispatching emergency help to North Korea after devastating flooding that has killed scores of people and left nearly 63,000 homeless. The emergency aid will provide flood victims with 400 grams of maize per day for two weeks, the United Nations agency said.

North Korean state media reported this week that 4,000 homes were submerged from the torrential rain that hit the country in recent weeks. Televised reports showed North Koreans paddling boats to reach people stranded on roofs and streets as vast muddy rivers.

Floods devastate China’s Shaanxi province

More than 80,000 people forced from their homes after days of rainfall cause heavy flooding in northwestern region.

Typhoon Saola Dumps Rain Lifts Tides in the Philippines

Close to 180,000 people had been evacuated from 90 towns and 22 cities, many of them crowding each other in school gyms converted into temporary shelters.

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