Guns Again in Turkey

The Kurdistan Tribune reports, sources unknown, that the PKK attacked a Turkish security outpost in the south eastern corner of Turkey.

The PKK had vowed to attack more Turkish military posts in revenge for the recent new wave of  arrests and harassment of Kurdish activists across the north of Kurdistan.

Followed, naturally enough, by  a bombing raid on Kurdish areas by the Turkish military.

The NY Times reports that Turkish ground troops went in hot-pursuit over the border into Iraq:

NTV, a private television network, said 600 Turkish ground troops chasing the attackers pushed 2.5 miles into northern Iraq, where the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, a militant separatist group known as the P.K.K., is based. The group has long battled the Turkish government for autonomy in the predominantly Kurdish southeast.

Local media also reported Turkish air deployments and artillery fire in the mountainous border area.

The militant strike, which started in the early hours of Wednesday, mainly in Hakkari Province, lasted for about four hours. It came a day after a blast in Bitlis, another southeastern province, that killed five policemen and three civilians.

Hurriyet Daily, from Istanbul, reports on the attack and counterattacks, with statements coming from the main political parties.

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