Choking the Sequoias in Ozone

Several media outlets picked up this story Tracy Cone of the AP about the unrelenting oceans of surface ozone, produced by man-made chemicals and combustion, and the effect on tree life in the Sierras.

The Sierra Nevada forest that is home to the biggest and oldest living things on earth — the giant Sequoia redwoods — also suffers a dubious distinction. It has the worst air pollution of any national park in the country.

Mountaintops that should offer awe-inspiring views of California’s geologic grandeur often are muddled by a disorienting gray soup of smog.

Here’s one at MSNBC

Jeffrey and Ponderosa pines show telltale signs of yellowing, a symptom of ozone toxicity, in Sequoia National Park, Calif.

I wonder if any studies have been undertaken to tell us what the effect of shifting 10% (50%, 80%) of gas and diesel  farm equipment to electrical would be on the ozone problem?


And wouldn’t the late Herb Caen, eagle eyed hunter for namephreaks, been delighted that a Tracy Cone is bringing us reports on pine (cone) trees?

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