April is the Cruelist Warmest Month

Despite the deniers, the temperature keeps climbing, or better said, the “anomalies” keep becoming the normalcies.

People visit the public swimming pool Schoenbrunner Bad in Vienna, Austria, on April 29. Temperatures rose to 90 degrees in parts of Austria that weekend

“Last month was the third hottest April in the United States and unusually warm in Russia, but cooler than normal in parts of western Europe. This is despite a now ended La Nina which generally lowers global temperatures.

Temperatures that would have once been considered unusually hot and record breaking now aren’t even in the top two or three, said Michael Oppenheimer, a Princeton University climate scientist.

The last time the globe had a month that averaged below the 20th Century normal was February 1985. April makes it 326 months in a row. Nearly half the population of the world has never seen a month that was cooler than normal, according to United Nations data.”


April Warmth

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