May Day in Istanbul

Just back from 3 weeks in Turkey (and 1 without internet connection) and my eyes sweep the news for what is going on there. Dang! This would have been interesting to participate in. Taksim Square, when we were there, was the end of a touristy street-car run up Istiklal St, and filled with week-end strollers.

Tens of thousands of union members and leftist political activists gathered Saturday for the first legally-sanctioned May Day celebration in Istanbul’s central Taksim Square in 30 years.

Participants included relatives of at least 34 people killed when clashes erupted in Taksim between leftists and police on May Day in 1977. May Day rallies have been banned in Taksim Square since army generals swept into power in a military coup in 1980.

And from Huriyett Daily News, in Turkey, this.

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