Turkey and the Environment

Our own casual viewing in three days of being in the Istanbul area of Turkey is that littering and trash dumping along the roads are definitely not on the list of concern for many.  One young woman acknowledged this with a sigh and said they were starting with the children, trying to get them to notice, not do it themselves and leverage their cute power with their parents.

Apparently what we’ve seen is also a symbol of much larger environmental problems as reported in the Daily Hurriyett (English)


“Among 132 countries Turkeyranked at 109th in the 2012 Environmental Performance Index (EPI) released by Yale University.

The Environmental Performance Index is a method of quantifying and numerically benchmarking the environmental performance of a country’s policies.

“We are behind 92 percent of the countries in the index. This is shameful. This index shows that development is not possible with money, construction and dams,” said KuzeyDoğa Nature Association Chairman Dr. Çağan Şekercioğlu.

And just the other day there was a shooting of an environmentalist in an Istanbul neighborhood.  Hurriyet Daily

“The head of a fisheries association was allegedly shot by a gang of illegal fishermen in Istanbul for his stance against the illegal practice.

Ahmet Aslan lost his left eye in an armed attack while he was sitting in a teahouse in Istanbul’s Rumelikavağı neighborhood, broadcaster NTV reported on its website.

“There is a gang with trawlers, and we are under constant threat,” Aslan was quoted as saying.

Defne Koryürek, an activist who has been campaigning against trawler fishing for some time, said it was “horrifying” that illegal fishers were now bold enough to try and assassinate people.

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