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In Istanbul the weather is cold and rain-swept.  After a lunch of delectable meze on the waterfront on the island of Buyukada we are sheltering in the 1908 Hotel Splendid, which despite it off-season emptiness is providing us with warm rooms and wireless internet.

Ankara is being reported as warning Syria that “steps will be taken” if the assault on civilians, especially along the Turkish border do not cease.

Turkey is putting the squeeze on its southern neighbor with strong indications that Ankara is finalizing plans to set up a humanitarian corridor and possibly a buffer zone inside Syria in order to contain the burgeoning refugee crisis and border skirmishes.

Today’s Zaman

More warnings were issued after shells from the Syrian army landed in a refugee camp in Turkey

The Turkish Foreign Ministry condemned today the shooting of six people in a Turkish refugee camp by Syrian forces firing across the border.

Warnings Issued

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