Rare January Tornadoes In Alabama

From Jeff Masters at Wunderground.com

The calendar says it’s the coldest month of winter, but today’s weather is more typical of March, as a vigorous spring-like storm system has spawned a rare and deadly January tornado outbreak. Twenty tornadoes were reported in Arkansas, Alabama, Mississippi, and Tennessee last night and this morning, killing at least two, injuring 100, and causing major damage.

…during the 61-year period 1950 – 2010, 1223 January tornadoes occurred–an average of twenty per year. There have been two Januarys with no reported tornadoes–2003 and 1986. Thus far in 2012, there have been 44 preliminary tornado reports, so we are already at double the historical January average, with a week still to go in the month.

In my opinion this is God talking to the good people of Alabama:  Wake up!  Wake way up!  The pot is boiling and you gotta turn the heat down!

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