GOP Mobs Attack Each Other

If politics is a circus, surely the GOP big-tent houses the freak show.  After the brawl in Ioway in which the Not-Connected-To Romney PAC bashed Newtie with the truth about his life, the favor is being repaid in New Hampshire.  This fine little trailer from Not-Connected-to-Gingrich PAC is going hammer and tongs after Romney with, of all things, the smell of capitalism burning in the forge of revenge…

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A little more about this juiciness…

Huntsman went after his fellow Mormon with a line of Romney’s saying how excellent it was to fire people:

In Concord, N.H., Jon M. Huntsman Jr. seized on a comment by Mr. Romney earlier Monday that he liked “to fire people,” saying that the quip reveals a difference between Mr. Romney and himself.

“It seems that Governor Romney believes in putting politics first; Governor Romney enjoys firing people — I enjoy creating jobs,” Mr. Huntsman said. “It may be that he’s slightly out of touch with the economic reality playing out in America right now, and that’s a dangerous place to be.”

Then there is the almost as exciting spectacle of Ron Paul calling Newtie out as the chicken-hawk that he is, constantly war mongering while unashamedly avoiding the fight in Vietnam, when he was young and able…

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