Ron Paul Supporters Show Their “Colors”

Ron Paul himself may not know about these ads.  Being informed, he will certainly say he did not know.  He may even say he disapproves.  Strongly.  Many of his supporters will say they, too disapprove, disavow and disbelieve.  Nevertheless, it was posted, and by those who claim to support Mr. Paul.

  Jon Huntsman is incensed that Ron Paul supporters here have posted an ad online that that uses footage of Huntsman speaking Chinese to his adopted Chinese daughter to question whether Huntsman, the former U.S. Ambassador to China, is committed to “American values” or whether he’s a “Manchurian candidate.” It also features an image of Huntsman depicted as former Chinese leader Mao Zedong.

Here’s the ad, which was posted to YouTube by NHLiberty4Paul:

Mebe NHLiberty4Paul is a plant; mebe not.  But just as Ron Paul supporters would encourage all moderate Muslims to fight back against extremists, so they will take on dip-shts like this guy, and the white racists who have said they will be campaigning for him, and fight them down….

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