Weather Events and Weather Records

Let’s see:

Record Setting Cold in in UK

What looks to be the coldest December on record is causing misery for travelers in the United Kingdom and across Europe. Thousands were forced to sleep at Heathrow and Gatwick airports after hotels filled up when most airplanes were grounded due to the ice and snow. Heathrow was shut down Saturday

Record-Setting Storm in Minnesota

December 10–11, 2010, was unusual. Bringing 17.1 inches of snow to the Twin Cities International Airport, the blizzard was the largest December storm on recordfor the Minneapolis/St. Paul region, and the fifth largest snowstorm on record for any time

Panama Canal Closed from Heavy Rains

The Panama Canal closed for 17 hours in early December 2010, only the third time in its 96-year history. Authorities closed the canal after heavy rains raised two artificial lakes associated with it, Alajuela and Gatun, to unprecedented levels.The heavy rains occurred in a persistent low-pressure area along the Intertropical Convergence Zone where winds from the Northern and Southern Hemispheres meet and fuel strong storms. The canal-closing rains in Panama continued a pattern ofheavy rain in Central and South America from the previous month.

Columbia Flooding Affects Millions

Heavy rains have continued to hit Colombia where two million people have been affected by widespread flooding

[Help Colombianos at UNICEF]

Flooding in Southern Spain

Severe winter weather that coated Great Britain and Ireland with snow also caused flooding in southern Spain in early December 2010. One child was killed when a flash flood overwhelmed the vehicle in which he was riding, according to news reports. Meanwhile, roughly two meters (6 feet) of water submerged parts of the historic center of Écija, forcing authorities to evacuate about 3,000 people.

There’s more but this will remind us all what is going on…

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