Weather Bomb Hits Midwest

From ClimateProgress

‘Weather bomb’ hits Midwest with power of major hurricane

October 27, 2010

My dad was the biggest Republican that ever walked the earth. He always said: “Actions have consequences.” To pretend that a 38% increase in greenhouse gases isn’t going to have any impact, that we can have our cake and eat it too, and smear it all over our face, and maybe have our grandchildren deal with the hangover, I think it is immoral.

That’s Minnesota meteorologist Paul Douglas in an exclusive interview with Brad Johnson about the “weather bomb” that just hit and the global warming deniers that populate his state.

and the post continues with this:

Here is more of Brad Johnson’s Wonk Room post:

Fueled by fossil fuel pollution, an unprecedented, freak “land hurricane” swept through the continental United States, leaving a path of devastation from Saskatchewan to Texas — while the Republican Party has been taken over by a hurricane of science denial. Our destabilized climate system, supercharged with billions of tons of manmade global warming pollution, is unlike anything in the historical record. “Welcome to the Land of 10,000 Weather Extremes,” Minnesota meteorologist Paul Douglas gasped. “The storm is huge,” Peter Kimbell, emergency preparedness meteorologist for Environment Canada, said. “Much of North America is being affected by this storm. It’s covering millions of square kilometers.” Douglas found intensity of the “weather bomb” something “hard to fathom”:

There is a lot of technical detail in the post. Some of the numbers may come in useful in a room full of know-nothings.  Stuff a few of them into your not-so-trivia part of the brain.  The lowest low pressure reading in a non-hurricane storm in the lower 48 states, ever recorded was 28.10″  That was in 1914.  Pressure readings in Tuesday’s storm were 28.20, 28.23, 28.48 — all record breakers for their area.

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