Climate Change: The GOP Denialism

If this doesn’t scare you I hope you get your reflexes checked, soon.  Among other things it shows how deeply enthralled the Republican Party is with belief-without-reason.  They’ve swallowed the dogma of the Dark Ages: If I believe it, it is true.

With one exception, none of the Republicans running for the Senate — including the 20 or so with a serious chance of winning — accept the scientific consensus that humans are largely responsible for global warming.

The candidates are not simply rejecting solutions, like putting a price on carbon, though these, too, are demonized. They are re-running the strategy of denial perfected by Mr. Cheney a decade ago, repudiating years of peer-reviewed findings about global warming and creating an alternative reality in which climate change is a hoax or conspiracy.

Nowadays, it is almost impossible to recall that in 2000, George W. Bush promised to cap carbon dioxide, encouraging some to believe that he would break through the partisan divide on global warming. Until the end of the 1990s, Republicans could be counted on to join bipartisan solutions to environmental problems. Now they’ve disappeared in a fog of disinformation, an entire political party parroting the Cheney line.

NY Times Editorial

Not that it will matter to the GOP deniers but the rest of us have to keep speaking, or as Jeff Masters of Weather Underground says:

“The ignorance and greed that human society is showing in this matter will be to our ultimate detriment and possible destruction,” he says.

Or, if you’d like someone better known, how about William Shatner?

William Shatner worries about global warming

I wonder if instead of calling them deniers we called them Climate Change Appeasers more would see what is happening. A very real threat is growing, as was German and Japanese arms in the 1930s. For their own convenience, or profit many denied what was as evident as the rising and setting of the sun. It seems to be happening again.

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